Jarmacomputers Is an online company that provides computer support services and is responsible for giving the client advice by different means to find a solution to the problem, whether physical (hardware) or logical (software) of any type of computing device. Among them we can highlight verification of vulnerable points in system security, installation of operating systems, verification of software and hardware operation, database backups, system updating, configuration and installation of internal and external networks.

Types of Computer Support:

1.- Technical support in live chat.

2.- Remote technical support.

3.- Diagnostic Software.

4.- Computer Equipment Repair Service.

5.- Verification of the operability of your network.

En jarmacomputers We are committed to a personal, quality treatment, and at a price that will surprise you.


Provide Innovative Technological Solutions to our clients, with ingenuity, closeness and creativity, managing to solve their incidents or requirements by complying with standardized regulations.


Ser una marca reconocida a nivel nacional e internacional, con experiencia en mantenimiento y reparación de equipos de cómputo así como también de ventas de equipos de cómputo, y realización de software acorde con los requerimientos personalizados de nuestros clientes, donde se brinde  productos de calidad y en donde el mejoramiento continuo sean para el agrado de nuestros usuarios.


jarmacomputers is a company highly focused on the values of its staff, integrity, honesty, professionalism and dynamism are fundamental for the development and growth towards an innovative future, that is why its staff are qualified technicians and in constant training with the latest

At jarmacomputers we are willing to surprise you with the quality of our services and prices. Put us to the test, you won't regret it.


Jorge Armaza Bilingual Technical Professional with 20 years of experience in IT Support, having studied at SENATI the technical part of the IT support, then Administration and Configuration of Cisco Networks and Administration and Configuration of Servers in SISTEMAS UNI, later the management of the processes in the UNIVERSIDAD PRIVADA DEL NORTE. Currently a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering student at SENATI.

Level 2 technical support in Hardware and Software for Computer Equipment, Office Automation, Peripherals, and all the applications used by the

BitLocker project. Logical configurations of hard drives with the Bitlocker tool. Logical maintenance to all laptops of the Mapfre corporation. Cisco router configurations.

Level 2 technical support in Hardware and Software for Computer Equipment, Office Automation, Peripherals, and all the applications you use

Trainings in Cosapi Data about ITIL (guía de buenas prácticas para la gestión de servicios de tecnologías de la información) además capacitaciones en hardware y software de Impresoras, laptops, PC.

Certificación CISCO en Introduccción al IOT

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